A person who chooses an active, healthy way of life is not only rewarded physically but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as well. Whether you want to lose weight, change your body shape, overcome a health challenge or optimize an already healthy lifestyle let Jay teach you how to reach your potential.

Welcome to Jengfit, personal training by Jay Engstrom. He is new to San Diego but has helped people in the Minneapolis area reach their exercise goals and achieve healthy lifestyles for over 8 years. He is very patient with his clients but at the same time pushes them (a lot of times without them even knowing it) to levels they never thought they would achieve. He seems to get more satisfaction than his clients when they break through to new levels. The majority of his clients have been with him for years but he always looks forward to establishing new long lasting relationships.

Jay offers a variety of options for the location of the training sessions to suit his clients availability. He trains client at their homes, offices or in a park.  Please feel free to contact him today with any questions.

So what does Jay as a trainer do? The most common problems people have when it comes to fitness are not knowing how to perform exercises correctly, getting in over their heads, doing the same routine for months on end or failure to adhere to a regular exercise schedule.  That is where Jay comes in…he will teach you to execute the exercises correctly and in a safe manner to increase the effectiveness of the exercises while reducing the risk of injury.  The programs he designs are generally a combination of stretching, cardio and strength training all wrapped into a 50-60 (or 25-30) minute session and are created specifically for your needs, fitness level and goals.  Having programs tailored specifically for you is essential in getting the best results. For example, jumping into a 'boot camp' style workout before your body is conditioned to handle it can have adverse effects on what you are trying to accomplish. Jay also frequently rotates in new exercises while removing the older ones to not only keep the workouts fresh and interesting for your mind but your body as well. If you do the same exercise routine for months or years on end you will be scratching your head wondering why you aren’t getting the results you are looking for. Challenging your body in different ways stimulates change and it also keeps you from getting bored with your routines. That often times leads to stopping exercising altogether. So please contact Jay today so he can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.